Quick Response Vehicle
A Huge Answer to Prayer

Quick Response Vehicle

UPDATE 4/19/21: Good Morning & Happy Monday friends!! This past weekend we purchased the QRV!!!!!! A huge thanks to Elevate Church in NE for kicking off this fundraiser. And all of our friends that followed them- can you believe the funds came in within 10 days?! We are in awe. Pastor Rudy and Maddie are currently driving home and picking up cases on the way. God is good. We are so blessed. This is a dream come true. THANK YOU!

What and Why?


The new SERT QRV will operate as a Tactical Operations Command as they search for and rescue missing and exploited children, as well as take good care of the SERT Team on operations. We frequently operate in places that we need a private and secure place to run our operations and the new QRV will enable SERT operators to work while deploying and have a safe place to retreat to in the are of our operations were we do searches and rescues.

During COVID-19, SERT has done several cross-state-line-transports of princesses (women and children that we rescue) and a QRV would have made the situations a lot easier for immediate medical care, a private bathroom, kitchen, place to work and rest, all while still on the move.

The QRV will make the SERT Team more effective in searching for and rescuing women and children nation-wide.