R4R: Reps for Rescues

R4R: Reps for Rescues

R4R: Reps for Rescues is a fundraising event that adopted the core principle of The Slave Free Project which is to go from “awareness to action” and they literally ran with it. R4R gathers people who love participating in (and cheering one) a little friendly fitness and competition. It encourages the local athlete to do what they love in the name of helping fund rescues and setting someone free. R4R events uses 100% of the funds raised to financially support the programs and rescues executed through TSFP’s operations branch: SERT Ministries. 

Each year there are two R4R events to mark in your calendar:

•R4R CrossFit Competition 

•R4R Trek

The CrossFit Competition is R4R’s spring event that channels teamwork, grit and positivity that only the CrossFit community can bring. These competitions test all the components of athleticism while be surround by vendors, cheerleaders, prizes and raffles

The R4R Trek is an endurance course held each fall that combines trail running and fitness stations in the raw backdrop of Southern California. This event was inspired by the physical preparation the SERT operation team endures to make a rescue. The Trek is specifically inspired by the determination and stamina of this very specialized group of operators.

To participate in the R4R events follow us on Instagram @repsforrescues_ ! There you’ll see live updates and registration information!